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Corporate Events

The Stanwick Hotel indeed sounds like an ideal venue for business meetings and conferences. Its convenient location, beautiful surroundings, and versatile facilities make it a great choice for various corporate events.​

Accessible Location

Situated just off the A45 and on the edge of the village of Stanwick in Northamptonshire, the hotel is easily accessible for attendees coming from different locations.


Scenic Surroundings

The hotel boasts two acres of beautiful gardens and meticulously manicured lawn, providing a serene and refreshing atmosphere for attendees. This environment is perfect for team building events or a relaxing company BBQ, enhancing the overall experience of your event.


On-Site Catering

The convenience of on-site catering using fresh local produce ensures high-quality meals for your attendees. Fresh and locally sourced ingredients often enhance the overall dining experience, making it a delightful aspect of your event.


Versatile Venue

The hotel offers a range of facilities, including three dedicated private meeting rooms, The Courtyard Restaurant & Bar with seating for 50 covers, and 31 individually decorated bedrooms. This versatility allows you to choose the perfect space for your specific event needs.

Accommodation Options

With 31 en suite rooms available, attendees have the option to extend their stay overnight. This provides a convenient solution for participants who may be traveling from afar or those who prefer to stay overnight after a full day of meetings.


Dining Experience

The opportunity to enjoy a delicious meal in the hotel's Courtyard Restaurant adds a touch of luxury to the overall experience. Dining together can foster networking and collaboration among attendees in a more relaxed setting.


Tailored Packages

The availability of packages for working breakfast and lunch meetings, hosted in various spaces such as the Courtyard Restaurant, Boardroom, or Reflections, allows you to choose a package that suits your specific event requirements.

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