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Hayley Orson


I think it’s the personal touch that make our weddings stand out from all the other venues. I have a lot of Bride & Groom’s say that they know we hold a lot of weddings here through the year, but we still make sure that their wedding is the one and only, we make them feel so special, treating every single wedding with the same care, love and attention.


We are very flexible here at the hotel, and you can really personalise your special day, we are not part of a chain hotel, so we don’t have to comply with any rules as such!  Which a lot of brides like about us.   


I am here every step of the way, from meeting with the Bride and Groom, and their families, showing them our lovely hotel, to being here for any of their questions throughout the whole time, whether by email, or phone call.   We meet up as many times as they need to go through the whole plan of their day. I offer the guidance and advice, liaise with any of their suppliers, or recommend our suppliers to them, which gives them confidence in knowing that they will deliver on the day.


I am then usually around a few days or the day before their wedding to go through their table decorations/place cards/favours/ etc.  We set this out for them on the day if they are unable to.  Myself, or a member of the team, will be here early to make sure the room is set up ready for them, and that everything has arrived on time!   If the Bride is getting ready here, I pop and see her and her bridesmaids getting ready, and check that everything is ok, and get any last minute bits for them!  Then meet the guests/Registrar etc, make sure that everyone is seated, and in the right place at the right time!


We are such a great team here, and everyone knows what to do and when to do it! From serving the drinks & canapés, to moving the chairs from the ceremony room, to the wedding breakfast. Everything is done so simply, and without any fuss, leaving the Bride & Groom, and their guests to enjoy their perfect day.


The food here is outstanding as well, with our wonderful fab team of chefs, they are great, and serve the food to such perfection.  We receive so many great comments about the food, the taste, presentation, and the standard as well.


There’s always such a great atmosphere at our weddings held here, why not come and see for yourself!  Call me on 01933 622233  or email


We can turn your ideas/dreams into reality...


We hope to see you soon!

Love Hayley x

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